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Shopping Mall Malaysia, Star Hill Gallery is easy to miss from the outside (located just across the road from the Pavilion) but it extends when you go inside and becomes bigger and bigger. Especially the massive centre court is an eye catcher with leather couches, a bar and and stage. Also the restaurants on the lower floor are beautifully designed and worth a try if you have the extra ringgit to spend.

Star Hill Gallery is less than 5min walk from Bukit Bintang Monorail station.


If you are interested in design, you have to check out the restaurants in here.
Enak, Fisherman's Cove, Jake's Charebroil, Koryo-Won Korean Restaurant, Luk Yu Tea House, My Thai, Pak Loh Chiu Chow, Sentidos Tapas, Shook Restaurant, Tarbush, The Village Bar, Vansh & many more...

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